Can you tell me about your day at work ??

I start early with a few cappuccinos, running around the four hotels and independant restaurants I’am responsible for, talking to the chefs about challenges, new dishes and ideas  and then in the evening retire to the Wine Vault our fine dining restaurant in the Hotel Monte Mulini . Hopefully to cook for the Chefs Table whenever its booked
What was the first dish that you’ve done as a chef ?


What was the first dish that you’ve done as a chef ?

I created a dish for a salon culinaire competition in Malta back when i was younger and the judges loved it and gave me a gold medal to add to my collection at the time …it was a pan-smoked salmon with an artichoke souffle and a nettle sauce ….i can still smell it.


Who is the model for you to follow ?

I have a few people that have influenced my career , Professor Hubert who started me on the road and then Marco Pierre White for his passion and Heston Blumenthal for his creativity.

Do you have your dream place where would you like to work ?

I have had the opportunity to work already in many of my dream places so i suppose now everywhere is a dream if you have exciting produce and a motivated team behind you.

Do you cook at home ?

What at 02.00am haha…no seriously yeah when i have a day off i like to cook with my wife , I become a sous chef again.

What would you prepared for me in 10 minutes … i mean some food 😉 ?

10 minutes …let me think …maybe seared scampi with sea asparagus and a lemon oyster vinigarette …i can move quite fast.

What would you like to have as the last meal in life ?

Probably a MR steak with bearnaise sauce and peppered pomme neuf or maybe i should say my wifes lasagne.

What flavours you are most faithful ?

Anything that is in its prime in season , the whole rainbow , so many flavours to choose.

What do you think about current trends in gastronomy ?

Not sure , i dont follow trends , me and my teams just follow our drive , so hard to say …

What was the most important moment in your professional chefs life ?

Probably the first day i stepped into a professional kitchen in the West end in London and realised this was going to be my life.

Do you want to make your children have gone in Your footsteps / chefsteps ?

My youngest , Adam , is following me into the trade , but on the other side of the passe and doing a fantastic job so who knows in the future …whilst my eldest , Daniel , is the Money man and works in finance ……..Sounds a perfect combo for a top restaurant !

02/12/15, Zagreb – Bozicni rucak, gastro editorijal, chef Andrew Gaskin, Maistra Luxury Hotels
Photo: Danijel Berkovic/PIXSELL

Private lives there ? How it looks like ?

I like to chill , i work at 100mph for six days a week all day so i like to kick back , chill,listen to music and be with family and friends when possible …otherwise if i have more time then travel to unseen places.

What was the funniest situation at the kitchen, is it some fun there ?

Too many to mention , we always have a blast wherever i have been so i have been lucky.

What advice do you have for young cooks ?

Work hard , look , listen , ask questions and practice ; making mistakes will only make you stronger.

In which country is, in Your opinion, the most beautiful/interestig kitchen ?

No real country sticks out i love Mediterranean food so i suppose i better say Italy otherwise i wont get any of my wifes lasagne haha.

Photos on your instagram, are so beautiful. Are you doing it ? is it a long preparation ?

Thanks ….well some are done by professionals and some are from my phone so a mix , depends on the moment if i capture something worth sharing.

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