Charity dinner in Strøm Mat & Bar

Do you remember my favourite restaurant in the town where I live? There’s one more reason to love Strøm Mat & Bar – on 5 February 2017, the owners organised a special dinner. Aspecial menu was also prepared for this occasion. There wouldn’t be anything extraordinary about that if not the fact that on that day the waiters worked in the kitchen, while the chefs served the customers. A small role reversal 😉 

The proceeds of the sale (including tips!) were donated to the charitable action. The money was transferred to the account of the Centre Against Incest and Sexual Abuse in the area of Telemark. How did the waiters work in the kitchen and the chefs in the dining room? There were a lot of funny situations 😉 The atmosphere in the restaurant was very cheerful. Myfriend ordered a burger and I ordered Caesar salad.

Of course, we received tasty focaccia first (Thor, I haven’t got the recipe yet!) 😅 Kasia’s burger was delicious, one of the tastiest she’d ever eaten. My salad was tasty, as always – to be honest, I’m not sure if it wasn’t one of the best I’d been served there. 😀We were served by a really nice girl. She was neither nervous nor stressed about her new role.

We spent a very nice and pleasant evening. Now I like Strøm Mat & Bar even more. I’mvery proud of them. Those who know me know that I go to this restaurant very often but I’ve never had such a dinner. 

Dear restaurateurs, take an example from Strøm Mat & Bar. A wonderful initiative! Congratulations to the chef Thor Ingo Gabrielsen and the entire Team. I hope more such beautiful happenings are ahead of you. 

See you again.

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