Pickles and Fermenation by Aleksander Baron

May we review a book written by a professional cook? I won’t dare 😉  But I will tell you about my impressions after reading Kiszonki i fermentacje / Pickles and Fermenation by Aleksander Baron. Let me begin by saying that he’s a young, very talented chef at the Warsaw restaurant Solec44. He began his fermentation experiments pickling fruit to get vinegar. Then, he went on to milk fermentation, i.e. popular pickling. I’ve fallen in love with this book. Due to my husband’s profession, at home we have only books about cooking, chefs and gastronomy. Aleksander Baron knows more about pickles than anyone in Poland.

This book covers practically everything. What is fermentation? Fermentation techniques, what tools do we need for fermentation, and what mistakes we usually make in fermentation. The book is divided into several chapters. Fermentating, here we’ll find a recipe for fermented currents, pickled cucumbers, pickled radishes, pickled parsley, sour starters for beetroot soup, sour starters on buckwheat, which surprised me, I must admit, but no more than kale in buttermilk with mustard. These are just a few examples taken from the chapter devoted to fermentation. The next chapter is Kimichi. Here, we’ll find recipes for kimichi with herring, red cabbage, smelt. The next chapters are my favourites –  Recipes 🙂  For starters, soups, main courses, desserts. There are also additives, recipes for broths, and at the very end is a mini glossary that will tell us about milk, alcohol and vinegar fermentation, and many other trivia.

In our home, the book Kiszonki i Fermentacje occupies an honourable place. I promised myself that I’d start trying the recipes from the book one by one, but first I need to buy some jars 😉 Soon I’ll invite you all for an interview with Aleksander Baron and I’ll describe my visit to the restaurant. In the meantime, order the book Kiszonki i fermentacje, it’s really worth it!

Autor and his book!

photo: Aleksander Baron, Empik.com


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