Kontrast Restaurant in Oslo – *Michelin

The dinner in Kontrast Restaurant was one of the most important in our life, no doubt. That place we chose to celebrate ou son’s first birthday. The future chef is growing in our home after all 😉 I was very stressed about how Mathias will survive the evening going out to the restaurant, that’s not a secret. It’s not the best time for sitting with a kid in such a place at such time.

I imagined all the worst scenarios, that Mathias will be fussy and disturbing for other guests, and finally the staff will throw us out. Luckily nothing like that happened.  The birthday boy took a nap just before entering the restaurant, to be in full strength join our meal a bit later. We were in awe! Mathias tasted every dish  making the staff and other guests smile.

I could write the review about the dishes, but it’s unnecessary. Every going out to the restaurant that is awarded with Michelin star is simply like going out to the theatre for the best play. It was pleasant to watch how behind a glass, in front of our table,  the cooks were creating the courses with constant focus and grace. When I watched them, I just had the feeling they are floating. They looked like dancing in the air. Everything went smoothly out of the kitchen, the high level staff served and the interior was simple and minimalistic.

Our dishes disappeared with the lightning speed. It’s not easy to pick just one course from the menu I enjoyed the most – everything was simply delicious. I cannot even describe the tastes, everything was excellent. You need to try it yourself – absolutely!

No doubt, the Kontrast Restaurant is our number one in Oslo. I promised myself that I will visit Kontrast every time I’m in Oslo, but maybe without my son. I will patiently wait for the new menu. And I invite you to watch the photo-coverage from our dinner.

Many thanks for The Chef – Mikael Svensson for te unique possibility of celebrating our son’s first birthday in his restaurant. And for the staff – big thank you for creating the wonderful atmosphere.

See you soon!

And this is MENU:


Curred duck breast with amazing caffe aroma. from our favorit @holtegard_drangedal
Pickled root vegetables and juniper smoked cream
Monk fish liver with ponzu and seaweed truffles
Beetroots dehydrated and glazed. Great snack for a beginning of Dinner
Scallops variations
Butter milk, mangold and raw fish
Marinated onion, dry cod chips, reduced rømme with elderflower and salted cod roe
Sourdough bread with røros butter
Pulled pork and fermented retich
Norwegian potato „risotto” with holtefjell ost and lardo
Beef, fermented asparagus from spring 2016, burnt leek and wild garlic jus
Kraftkar ost with pears
Brown cheese panna cotta with blueberry gel, pine sorbet and doughnuts
Petit fours. Nugat with sea buckthorn and pumpkin
Petit fours and parfait of goat cream and salty caramel 🍫 Chef Mikael Svensson
photo: Magda Wesołowska



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