Mousse with caramelized boletus – Rafal Gajownik

Rafał Gajownik – head confectioner of Warsaw Belvedere Restaurant presents:

Mousse with caramelized boletus with ice cream with baked milk and powder of sabayon

Mousse with caramelized boletus
60 g – honey
250g – boletus
200 ml – sour cream
250 ml – milk
1st. – vanilla
4 g – salt
3 leaves of gelatine

Way of making :
Heat the honey in a saucepan. Add porcini mushrooms and carmelize. Ready caramelized mushrooms into the thermomix. Use the milk and cream to  Deglace  a pan with a view to extracting the rich taste of caramelization. Milk and cream, pour into the Thermomix in which are placed the porcini mushrooms and whole, emulsify thoroughly. Ready mushroom base  put in a saucepan, add the pulp from vanilla, sugar, salt and heat, remove from the heat and add the previously soaked gelatin. Mix thoroughly. All pour into siphon trap and stick two cartridges CO2. Siphon cool in the water with ice.

Baked Milk:
1-Litre milk 3.2%
300 g-sugar Crystal

both components connect, close the vacuum and allow to stand for 3-5 hours.
After this time the milk pour into a sheet and put in the oven at 180st. C/2 h

Ice cream with Baked milk:
700 ml water-baked milk
600 ml-cream 36%
80 g-burnt milk powder
50 g-glucose syrup
40 g-dextrose
0.05 g-meal of locust
2 g-kappa

How To Perform:
All the dry ingredients (kappa, bread flour, dextrose, roasted milk powder) to connect. Roasted milk connect with glucose and heat to temp 40 deg c. Add the dry mixture and bring everything to a temperature 84st. C. Remove from heat and cool to temp. 50st. (C) and add the cream. All file in the Thermomix and emulsify at top speed. Pour into a PacoJet container and freeze.

200 g sugar Crystal
75 ml-water
80 g-chocolate 64.5%
50 g-hazelnuts
4 g-salt maldon
15 g-brown sugar
60 g-white chocolate
20 g-cocoa
60 ml-hazelnut oil

Method: boil the water crystal Sugar to temp. 135st. (C) remove from heat and Add chocolate, stirring until chocolate will absorb all the syrup and is crystallization. Discard the parchment paper and cool. Hazelnuts boiled in a pan, add the salt and brown sugar. Remove from heat and cool down. White chocolate bake  in the oven at 190st. C. Roasted chocolate cool down break and connect with krystalized chocolate. Add cocoa powder, crushed hazelnuts and hazelnut oil. All carefully mix.

MBS-egg yolk
190 g-sugar Crystal
140 g-protein
1pcs-vanilla babe

Method: the egg yolks, sugar, vanilla pulp combine and mix on a pair of bright yellow color. Beat the egg whites and combine with a bunch of proteins . Ready kogel-mogel spread thinly on the mat the silica and tumble dry dehydrator in the 42st.

70ml-simple syrup
30 ml-Chambord Royal
80 g – blackberries
2pcs-Cinnamon Bark

Method: the bark of cinnamon boiled in a saucepan, pour sugar syrup and remove from heat. Cool and add the liqueur of blackberries. Blackberries put in a vacuum bag and pour the syrup with liqueur. Close the vacuum and let stand for 12 hours.

Decoration: Dried cladonia reindeer

fot. Rafał Gajownik

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