Can you tell me about your day at work ??

Now I work for the King and Queen . But most 8-16 and travels a lot with the work.

What was the first dish that you’ve done as a chef ?

I think it was a recipe from Denmark called pariserpøf fried beef tatare on bread with onion,capers beetroot,horseradish and egg yolk and i still eat it.

Who is the model for you to follow ?

Eyvind hellstrøm a man who always has focus, and only the best is good enough. Love it. And rene redzepi he is from another planet and do what he wanted. Would like to work with him one day.

Do you have your dream place where would you like to work ?

Yes I have it right now. Other pleace would be Geranium. Rasmus Kofoed is a god chef to work with. Thay say .

Do you cook at home ?

Yes, sometimes and my friends says I never make food at home, so when i cook. It will be many dishes and can’t stop. I love to eat/wine out on restaurant/cafe.

What would you prepared for me in 10 minutes … i mean some food 😉 ?

Norway lobster (jomfruhummer ) with butter, garlic and terragon.

What would like to have as last meal in life ?

Sushi at Sukiyabashi jiro in Tokyo.

What flavours you are most faithful ?

Sweet and sour and butter.

What do you think about current trends in gastronomy ?

It must be continue with the organic and work more with the farmer.

What was the most important moment in Your professional chefs life ?

What must be have a good headchef when i was an apprentice. Its him who starts it all one the hard way.

Do you want to make your children have gone in Your footsteps / chefsteps ?

Only have a frenche bulldog. But he also eats well, with me.

Private lives there ? How it looks like ?

It’s good now. Have a jobb where is time to friends and travel ( eat and wine ) so can’t complain.

What was the funniest situation at the kitchen, is it some fun there ?

We always have fun at work, as long people have focus! Well i’m a happy chef.

What advice do you have for young cooks ?

To be good! Work, work, work and be sure that’s what you wanted it’s hard to get, but fun !

In which country is, in Your opinion, the most beautiful/interestig kitchen ?

Dont think i have a place. As long there is good food am happy.But like to try new things.

Photos on your instagram, are so beautiful. Are you doing it ? is it a long preparation ?

Its only me and my iphone, and the food is in focus ! A quick picture and then it’s the food again .

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