Pickled red beetroots – Maciej Majewski

Maciej Majewski – Executive Chef, Restaurant Le Brasserie Moderne in Warsaw.

Pickled red beetroots

Red beetroots peeled and sliced 100g
White ine Vinaigrette 60 ml
Water 250ml
Cloves 5 pce
Bay leaves 2 pce
Brown sugar 10g
Salt 2 g

Cook all ingredients off marinated
When Its still hot put the beetroots slice
Whern velby cold vacum

Baked yellow beetroots
Whole yellow Beetroots 100g
Sea Salt 200g
Egg white 1 pce

Preheat the oven to 190 C
Cut the end off beetroot
Mix salt with egg white
Cover beetroots all mixture
Put on baked paper and bake about 50 minutes
After peel and cut in cube 1,5×1,5cm

Beetroots spaghetti

Red Beetroots Juice 200ml
Balsamic vinaigratte to taste
Agar Agar 2g

Cook juice with balsamic vinaigrette and agar agar till 80C
Prepare the watwer with ice
Prepare Plastic tube and syringe
Take juice to plastic tube and put i cold water bath
Take out the spaghetti
Form on plate

Horse Radish Mousse

Egg white 45g
Sour Cream 18% 45g
Horse Radish sprinkles 20g ( to taste)
Sherry vinaigrette 3 ml
Grape seed oil 200ml

Mix egg white ,cream,vinaigrette,horse-radish sprinkle
Add slowly oil all the time blending
When all oil its absorber season to taste
Put in plastic Bottle

Beetroots Meringue

Egg white 2 pce
Beetroots powder 30g
Icing sugar 20g

Mix electric mixer eeg white with icing sugar and beetroots powder
Until soft Peaks
Put in plastic pastry bag
Form meringue on baked paper
Dry them in 80 C

Beetroots powder 10g
Herbs 10g

photo: Maciej Majewski

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