Salmon /Oyster/ Tapioca – Maciej Majewski

Maciej Majewski – Executive Chef, Restaurant Le Brasserie Moderne in Warsaw.

Salmon ingredients 4 portion
Salmon fillet model part 200g
Sea salt

Oyster mayonaise ingredients 4 portion
Oysters 6 pce
Chopped parsley leaves 1 big spoon
Vegetables oil

Tapioca chips ingredients 4 portion
Small pearl Tapioca 80 g
Water 200 ml
Sepia 1g

Compresed Cucumber ingredients
Cucumber tagliatelli -80 g
Vegetables oil 10 ml
Salt ,pepper

Salmon preparation
Warm up cilculator Up to 52 c
Salt the Salmon, form in plastik film and PIT in vacum bag
Cook Sous Vide 12 minutes
Put in water with ice and after cut

Oyster mayonaise
Open the oyster and put the meat in mixer
Mix with chooped parsley
Slowly add oil
When mayonaise velby ready put in squezze bottle

Tapioka chips
Cook tapioka till velby transparent
Add sepia
Put on silipat
Dried in 85c
When velby drie fry in very hot oil

Compresed Cucumber
Add salt, pepper, oil to cucumber
Add to vacum bag
Rool the cucumber

On the plate puste the Salmon
Squeeze Oyster mayonaise
Puste the Cucumber roll
Puste the Caviar
Put around tapioca chips

Bon Appetit!

fot. Maciej Majewski

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