Sketch Restaurant in Warsaw

Two steps from Krakowskie Przedmieście, right near Pilsudski Square, the restaurant Sketch is located. We all know the chef – Sebastian Olma, winner of the second edition of Polish Top Chef. I have had the opportunity to taste his dishes, which is why I willingly visited him in this new restaurant.

Sketch is without a doubt one of my favourite restaurants in Warsaw. A beautiful interior, nice and welcoming staff, delicious food,and heavenly drinks. It all makes you want to come back there. I always try to visit new places, yet I will visit Sketch each time I’m back in Poland.
I came to this restaurant with my friend, and of course there were a lot of funny situations that evening 😂

First, anadventure with the table: my friend chose a table next to the wall, whereas I wanted to sit close to the kitchen, so Sebastian suggested moving our table near the servery. Of course we were happy because we both love observing the cooks working 😉 5 minutes later we were offered an even better seat 🙈 – near the servery, yet on a beautiful sofa, and this was the best seat.

We lounged and looked through the menu. We chose beef tartare with marinated mushrooms, walnuts, onions and apple pie as a starter, and – you must believe me – that was the best tartare I’d ever eaten in my life. My mouthstill waters when I write about it. Fortunately, I’ll be in Poland again in two weeks, and I’ll visit Sebastian just to eat that tartare. A few weeks earlier I had eaten tartare in Oslo, I had praised it a lot, but the one at Sketch won my heart. Sebastian promised that he’d chop it right next to our table the next time 😉

The second course was Merino lamb with fried polenta, roasted carrots, and celery puree. Delicate, soft, and melting in the mouth. As for me, it was definitely too much. 😅

What about dessert? Everyone loves the cheesecake, but we decided to take sweet drinks. Many thanks to Maciej Mecner for hiscare and presentation. It’s really nice when a waiter talks about a drink, its ingredients… at the table. At the beginning, Maciej prepared delicate, light, and fruity drinks. At the end, it was a real firecracker – chilli with mango for me, and coffee with whisky for my friend.

Well, at least we didn’t get cold on our way home.

photo: Magda Wesolowska, Sketch

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