Thomas Bühner – Restaurant La Vie *** Michelin Star

Chef Thomas Bühner is the only one which has tree Michelin stars in Germany. Welcome to interview with Thomas – executive chef of Restaurant La vie Osnabrück.

Can you tell me about your day at work?

Yes, I still wake up with a smile every morning because I am happy to go to work. I am always excited to see what we create from rather simple products and I think it is exciting to meet as many different people and do so many different things avery day.

What was the first dish that you’ve done as a chef?

I still remember that I have made a ragout from rabbit with homemade Spaetzle  for a group of friends when I was a young trainee.

Who is the model for you to follow?

Harald Wohlfahrt because of his discipline.

Do you have your dream place where would you like to work?

I am working at my dream place already.

Do you cook at home?

Very rarely – only when real good friends are coming. Most of the time, my wife cooks and she is doing it very well.

What would you prepared for me in 10 minutes … i mean some food ;-)?

Probably a lot more than you think. How about a very nice assertion of cheese? 🙂

What would like to have as last meal in life?

Something someone has done with love – no matter what.

What do you think about current trends in gastronomy?

Most of them are very much overrated.

What was the most important moment in Your professional chefs life?

Three Michelin stars.

Do you want to make your children have gone in Your footsteps / chefsteps?
Only if my son would want to.

Private lives there ? How it looks like?

I enjoy being at home with my wife and just relax and come down to get new energy.

What was the funniest situation at the kitchen, is it some fun there?

One funny situation was a gift I received from an employee who comes from the Netherlands – he gave me wooden shoes to wear in the kitchen. However, as we are all very much enjoying our work place, we of course also have a lot of fun in the kitchen together.

What advice do you have for young cooks ?

Define your goal, make as many notes as possible.

In which country is, in Your opinion, the most beautiful/interestig kitchen?

Probably Asia.

Photos on your instagram, are so beautiful. Are you doing it ? is it a long preparation?

No, it does not talke very long as we are photographing our dishes exactly the way we prepare them for our guests.

How is it work under pressure until 3 stars?

I never felt pressure, as I honestly love what I do. And because I have a very strong team, I am never alone.

Do you know any Polish restaurants?

Unfortunately not very well – only Copernicus in Krakow. But I am very much interested to get to know more restaurants in Poland, as I believe there are many creative new chefs there.

Thank you.

fot. Thomas Bühner

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