Tomas Lidakevicius – Peninsula Restaurant

Originally from Lithuania. 9 years travelling around London`s restaurants, collecting experience from best chefs, and now running Peninsula Restaurant at Intercontinetal London the o2. Which is modern European cuisine with my own twist.

Can you tell me about your day at work?
Every single day starts coming in to kitchen and straight to coffee machine, cup of double with milk starts head and body moving. then a nice chat with chefs, plans for a day and just moving on with miss en place and service new creations and once a couple days of shooting pictures of food. Days always goes quick, cos no mater it is busy day or not there is always something to do, orders, new idea, cleaning and enjoying food.

What was the first dish that you’ve done as a chef?
As remember on my exam day (already been wearing chefs whites) I made baked apple with chocolate glaze and vanilla ice cream.

Who is the model for you to follow?
There are loads of chefs to follow! im massive fan of Esben Holmboe,Thomas Buhner, Curtis Duffy, Atsushi Tanaka and list probably wouldn`t end.

Do you have your dream place where would you like to work?
Childhood dream was Alinea (i still dreaming about it) at this point now is MAAEMO.

Do you cook at home?
Ou yes, I do cook at home 😀

What would you prepared for me in 10 minutes … i mean some food ;-)?
Crepes with Nutella 😛

What would like to have as last meal in life?
For sure sausage and mash with loads of gravy!!!!

What flavours you are most faithful?
Vanilla, butter and dill.

What do you think about current trends in gastronomy?
I think one thing, thats there is no more rules to follow, there are chefs, who plays along with nature, and they cook things the way no one does.

What was the most important moment in Your professional chefs life?
Working in the restaurant along amazing chef Paul Walsh at City social, be part of opening team and get Michelin star in really short time.

Do you want to make your children have gone in Your footsteps / chefsteps?
I wouldnt want it, but if there will be talent and love for this I cant stop them doing what they love.

Private lives there? How it looks like?
This will be perfect answer – behind successful man, there is strong women who held it all together.

What was the funniest situation at the kitchen, is it some fun there?
Everyday in the kitchen is fun, there are days when you have to be with no smile and be focused, but most of the time you have to make a great day behind the stoves.

What advice do you have for young cooks?
Spend a couple days in the professional kitchen before making your decisions what to do next.

In which country is, in Your opinion, the most beautiful/interestig kitchen?
Norway – land and water is just perfect!

Photos on your instagram, are so beautiful. Are you doing it ? is it a long preparation?
Thank you very much for compliment.Yes, Im doing it myself, it requires couple of minutes and it is all online. it is all about cooking food and finding good spot to take a picture with a good light 🙂

Thank you.

photo: Tomas Lidakevicius

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